"Tell me of the fearsome demons of the Duat," the Dying Man said to the wise Scribe.

"Though their terrible forms are loathsome to behold, they are not evil, for they are the servants of the gods; truly, they are the blessed doorkeepers and guardians of the holy paths. Their charge is to judge whether we are worthy to pass the gates that lead to Aaru; and so they challenge us with riddles, or in combat."

"Is this true of all the beings that live in the Duat?"

"Some say that it is not so; that there are ancient gods whose names have been forgotten, and spirits of darkness whose name none have ever known, and that these must be avoided at all costs. But others say that these, too, serve a greater purpose in ways that Osiris has not revealed to us."

"And what of the hidden paths, that are taken by $% %&/$&§ when the §%§%$