$%§§& knew it was the truth.

"Now I will tell you of the many perils you will face in your journey through the Duat. Listen well, for the challenges that lie before you are great, and if you do not prove yourself worthy, you may never reach the eternal reed fields of Osiris, and you may be lost forever. From the Second Death there is no awakening."

The Scribe brought forth a great papyrus, and carefully unfolded it before the Dying Man; and the Dying Man beheld that it was a map of the Duat, showing the many paths that led to Tower of Anubis, where his Heart was to be weighed. On each of the many paths, which threaded through the Duat like the infinite threads woven by Neith (3), there were marked the dangers that a traveller must face. Also there were great walls of iron, that none but the gods could cross, and gates made of purest light; and so the traveller could not avoid the trials that had been decreed, and could only proceed towards the Tower by proving his worth, thus earning the key to each sacred gate.

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