"The first wisdom," the Scribe said to the Dying Man, "is that as the world is made of five elements (1), so is the soul of Man; know therefore that in this life, you are Heart and Shadow and Name; and also Ka and Ba. Without all these, you would not be a living being, but a thing.

What is a man without a Name, who cannot speak of himself?

What is a man without a Shadow, who is not anchored in the world?

What is a man without a Heart, who can neither feel nor think?

What is a man without a Ka, who has no essence?

What is a man without a Ba, who is not himself, but like unformed clay?"

Therefore praise Osiris, the King of Eternity, the Lord of Everlastingness, the eldest son of the womb of Nut, he who traverses millions of years in his existence."

(1) Here the translator is clearly inserting his own beliefs onto the text, as &$§/$& "§$"

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