So, hearing the call of the morning birds as they greeted the dawn, the Scribe spoke:

"At the end of your journey, when every trial has been completed, when all the gates have opened before you and your soul has been weighed in the Tower of Anubis, your Ka and your Ba shall be reunited; and thus you shall become an Akh, and awaken in the eternal reed fields of Osiris; and there, in holy Aaru, you shall begin a new life amongst the gods and other blessed spirits."

"And who will I be?" the Dying Man asked.

"You shall be the memory of all that was, and the knowledge of the journey, and the shape of the days to come."

Thus ends the tale of the Dying Man and the Scribe. Praised be Osiris, the Foremost of the Westerners, the King of Eternity, the Lord of Everlastingness,  whose Ka is holy, $&$§ DG /// ERROR ///