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Land A

Zone A, also called the Land of Ruins, is the first of three sub-lands found in the Garden of Worlds. Filled with degraded Greek ruins and rocky, hard soil, the Land of Ruins is where the Child begins the first part of his journey, waking up in area A-1 and being greeted by the voice of Elohim.

The Temple Edit

The hub of Land A is an enormous Greek temple.

Area A-1 Edit

Area A-1
This is where you awaken. It's a confounding complex of buildings and gardens, packed together with seeming little order.

Area A-2 Edit

This tiny island centres on an amphitheatre; the rest is almost entirely ruined. Ghosts run through tests only they can see that have decayed long ago. In the distance are inaccessible islands, themselves covered in ruins.
Land A
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