[UA-HIS1A] Prof. Dr. Armin Hoolock, "The Fall of the Roman Empire: A Dialectical Approach"

#\&$((? caption="Homo sum: humani nihil a me alienum puto." #*[

But, interesting as such perspectives of the decline and ultimate dissolution of the Roman Empire may be, they ultimately put too much emphasis on individual catastrophic events. The real question that must be asked is why the Roman Empire, which had dealt with so many threats and catastrophes over the years, was so incapable of responding to these later problems.

We must investigate the division of wealth, the structure of government, the location of power in Roman society. Had the Republic survived or been restored, would Rome still have fallen? What was the role of debt and slavery in creating the conditions for what we now call the Dark Ages? "Rome," the saying goes, "was not built in a day." It didn't fall in a day, either.

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