[flower4] man, you know what really freaks me out?

[charlie_on_the_rocks] what?

[flower4] the human body decomposes quite quickly, so all the information stored in chemicals in our brains will be gone really quickly

[charlie_rocks] dude

[flower4] but computers and books last a long time

[flower4] so all our messages, our ideas, our books

[flower4] it'll all be out there

[charlie_rocks] our porn

[flower4] even being transmitted through space

[flower4] yeah, our porn too i guess

[flower4] we'll all be gone, but the works of aristotle will still exist

[flower4] so will star trek, firefly, babylon 5

[flower4] lotr, blade runner…

[charlie_rocks] cyber-***** of planetron 6

[flower4] shakespeare, byron…

[flower4] hell even videogames

[charlie_rocks] ****** overdrive 3

[charlie_rocks] seattle ******

[charlie_rocks] dutch ******* cascade

[charlie_rocks] the ****** of *** mountain

[flower4] wtf dude

[charlie_rocks] yeah

[charlie_rocks] imagine if aliens find those

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