[Lana123] so I think, what's the point, right?

[Omar] Yeah. I keep thinking about my aunt. Have I told you about her?

[Lana123] I don't think so.

[Omar] She's super rich. Like, she drives around in a ridiculously expensive sports car, and she goes on vacations to the Bahamas

[Omar] and she has a huge house that feels more like some sort of corporate HQ than a home

[Omar]  She worked really hard to get all that, but she also screwed over a lot of people, including her own family.

[Omar] I used to be quite angry at her for what she did to my parents, but now I think… what did she get out of it?

[Omar] She and her husband are always fighting, their son became so obsessed with money that he ruined his own family…

[Omar] I mean, yeah, they have everything that I always dreamed about, but they can't enjoy any of it.

[Lana123] my grandfather was like that

[Omar] And now, at the end… what does any of it mean? If you have all the money in the world but you die alone and unloved, what did you accomplish? I don't get it. I just don't.

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