"We keep discussing what an artificial intelligence would mean to us and how it would change our understanding of the world. That's a great topic and I think we've covered it extensively. What we've barely mentioned, though, is the other side of the coin. I mean, our lives would still be what they were before, A.I. or no A.I. The question I think we should discuss, even if it's all completely hypothetical, is the perspective of the artificial intelligence itself. What would it be like to be that creature? To suddenly come into being, created by others as an experiment? To have all the information about yourself, to know exactly how you function? What would you think about the world? Would you see meaning? Beauty? How would you judge humanity? Where would you see yourself fitting into the grand scheme of things? I think we should try to put ourselves into the shoes of such a being.

> Dear Alexandra: Thank you for your feedback, but this is a philosophy course, not science fiction."

And that's why I almost gave up on my studies. :(

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